Calea gnostic─â a Rozacrucii
O introducere în 12 explorări

V─â ur─âm bun venit la aceast─â Introducere ├«n Calea Gnostic─â a Rozacrucii de Aur, o oportunitate de a explora ╚Öi discuta despre ├«nv─â╚Ť─âturile universale ├«mp─ârt─â╚Öite de ╚ścoala Rozacrucii de Aur ╚Öi calea pe care o urmeaz─â elevii s─âi.

Po╚Ťi urm─âri aceste explor─âri acum ├«n ritmul t─âu ╚Öi la momentul care ╚Ťi se potrive╚Öte. V─â rug─âm s─â ne contacta╚Ťi pentru ├«ntreb─âri ╚Öi sunte╚Ťi binevenit s─â v─â al─âtura╚Ťi activit─â╚Ťilor noastre pentru membrii din ├«ntreaga lume!

Suntem aici pentru tine ╚Öi ├«╚Ťi dorim o c─âl─âtorie bun─â!

Unmasking our Reality

Every human being is striving for something. There is always something a person is trying to attain, in one way or another. So all human beings have one thing in common: desire. But desire and its fulfillment are two different things, and how often it happens that, even when we gain what we think we desire, lasting satisfaction nevertheless eludes us.

It is as if we are missing something, as if there is something fundamental that we lack. Efforts to fill this void are made on every level, and by every kind of person, in all circumstances.

Underlying all these things is something one could call the ÔÇśgreat homesicknessÔÇÖ, the unconscious, primordial desire for a long lost state of being. The Rosicrucians call it ÔÇśpre-remembranceÔÇÖ. This is not a conscious memory, but a deep-seated awareness that a perfect life must exist and that such a life of freedom, equality, justice and harmony will one day manifest itself.